(Dance + Catalogue).

Dancelouge is a platform that is dedicated to dance moves from around the world and across different genres. It has been created to make dance more accessible for beginners and professionals. This is done by making the moves easy to search by the dance genre and the dance step as well as associated tags. It was born from the desire of wanting to become a better dancer.

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What about YouTube (and the internet)

YouTube is a great resource of videos and a lot of the gifs generated are from the platfrom. However, sometimes when looking for a move you have to know which video to look for, as well as the time in the video the move occurs. This can be quite time consuming and inefficient when looking for a move. Comparing this to an image or text based search, a significant amount of information concerning a dance move is lost as dance is a dynamic activity while images and text are static, so they do not easilyy to capture the essence of a move. Dancelogue bridges the gap by having gifs instead of videos, images and texts. The use of GIFs focuses on the core essence of the move.

The moves on Dancelogue are curated from the public domain e.g. YouTube. They always contain the channel name as well as the link back to the video to further promote the content creators. Our goal is to make dance moves as easily accessible to people as possible without dancers spending too much time looking for moves. If a viewer likes a dance move, they can always see the full version on YouTube. If you are a content creator and you want us to take down your moves, feel free to reach out to us and we will take the move down.


This site is under active development, so if there is anything that doesn't work or any features you would like to suggest, send a message to our Instagram profile on