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Dancelogue is an organization started from the realization that for such an important part of the human experience, there is not a lot of technology out there in support of the dance industry. To this end Dancelogue aims to build awesome tools based on the latest technology for both participants and spectators of dance.

This blog is about dance in general i.e. the latest dance craze of the month, investigating the history of dance etc as well as how technology can be applied to dance i.e. artificial intelligence in the dance industry, reviewing papers and datasets which focus on dance, augmented reality as applied to the dance industry etc.

A few things you should know upfront:

  1. We make the best effort to research the material provided in the posts, however, from time to time we might post something that's not entirely accurate, if that's the case please let as know at info@dancelogue.com and we will do our best to update the content.
  2. This blog is made in support of the main dancelogue.com site as well as other technology that we have built for the dance industry.
  3. In addition to Dancelogue provides consultation based on merging technology and dance for organizations as well as universities who are researching the field.

Thank you for joining us in our journey to transform the dance industry.